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UPDATE (May 11): CBS2/KCAL covered the story on their newscast and interviewed the waitress and obtained security camera footage of the incident (see video above, may not be available on mobile devices).

West Hollywood Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a restaurant on the Sunset Strip on a report of diners running out on their bill and soon learned that the fleeing suspects attempted to run over someone with a vehicle as they fled.

The incident occurred on Thursday night, which was Cinco de Mayo, at Isla Cantina at 8788 Sunset Blvd.  Around 10:15pm, three female diners fled the restaurant without paying their bill.  An employee chased after them and was writing down their license number when the driver was said to have attempted to run the employee over.

The suspects were described as three white females.  Two had blonde hair and one had brown hair.  They were all about 5’5″ in height and about 21 years old.  One was wearing a sombrero.  They fled in a blue Scion eastbound on Holloway from the restaurant on Sunset.

Attempting to run down the restaurant employee turned a minor charge over a $50 meal check into a felony matter.  The restaurant employee was successful in obtaining the license number for the vehicle, so it appears that the suspects will almost certainly be answering to the charges.

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