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Transients, Violent Crime

Zackariah Timothy Lehnen was arrested in connection with a Culver City double murder.

A transient wanted as a suspect in a double murder in Culver City was arrested early this morning in West Hollywood.

We don’t yet know much about when and where the arrest went down, however Culver City Police say that 31 year old Zackariah Timothy Lehnen was taken into custody here in the City of West Hollywood around 1:30AM.

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He was wanted in connection with the murders of man 89-year-old Lucien Bergez and 27-year-old Erica Escobar. Their bodies were discovered in Culver City on Tuesday.

This marks the third arrest of a transient in the West Hollywood area in as many weeks in connection with serious, violent incidents.

Last Tuesday, April 26, a transient randomly attacked a woman on Sunset Blvd near Alta Loma. The victim victim sustained a fracture eye socket and several stitches to her right eye. She also suffered swelling and bruising to her face and body.

And just a week earlier, another transient was arrested and accused of setting a fire inside a classroom at a Hollywood synagogue, along with other structures in additional incidents.

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