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Hit & Run, Streets

Sheriff's investigator takes photos of the vehicle that hit a pedestrian on San Vicente last year. The pedestrian, Derrick Gardner, later died of his injuries. (Photo @Brandy29 for Weho Daily)

A possibly drunk driver plowed through the median on a blind curve on San Vicente on Thursday night and then fled the scene. Beverly Hills Police apparently found the vehicle and driver a short while later on Coldwater Canyon.

“My neighbors and myself darted outside after hearing what sounding like a horrible traffic impact,” said Weho Daily reader Corey Spears, who lives near the scene. “A neighbor who witnessed the incident explained that an SUV careened through the median on San Vicente heading north around Dorrington Avenue.”

The accident “tore down three substantial traffic signs subsequently leaving a trail of skid marks and wreckage in the street,” said Spears. “The white SUV, according to one neighbor, blew all four tires and continued speeding north on San Vicente on the wrong side of the street.”


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After the incident, which occurred shortly after 9PM on Thursday, West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies immediately began searching for the SUV in the area. It apparently was found by Beverly Hills Police on Coldwater Canyon just minutes later. We don’t know if they were looking for the vehicle or if they simply stopped it because of the damage or for other reasons.

But the incident is just the latest in a location that has seen numerous collisions and even a recent pedestrian fatality. Some area residents have been trying to get a signal and crosswalk installed there for quite some time, but the city recently announced that a signal would be inappropriate and that speeding is not a problem in the area.

Residents are questioning the validity of the study that drew those conclusions, however. Spears says that the constant incidents occurring at the location are proof enough that the traffic situation is unsafe and mitigation measures are needed.

In addition to the death of pedestrian Derrick Gardner, Spears says that an MTA bus also jumped the same median. Another incident tore the door off a Jaguar owned by one resident, who had to dive into the vehicle to avoid being struck. And they insist that speeding is indeed a problem, and even Lindsay Lohan was stopped on the curve for going twice the legal speed.

In an email sent to the City Council, our Spears urged them to do something to “influence the traffic flow on San Vicente Blvd. which is killing people, destroying city and private property, and risking my and my neighbors’ lives.”

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  1. Chris Bray says:

    Don’t tell them you’re a resident and want a traffic signal — tell them you’re a real estate developer and want a traffic signal. They’ll jump.

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  2. mario andrete guariello says:

    or better yet, tell them you’re a gay, transgender russian with bi-polar disorder who reads to homeless people in vaseline alley on sunday mornings, then they’ll listen. you might even get abbey land to read a city of west hollywood proclaimation !!!

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