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A 34-year old high profile graffiti vandal was arrested by sheriff’s deputies Thursday morning as he prepared to board a plane to Ireland at Los Angeles International Airport. Sheriff’s Metro Transit Services Bureau Special Problems Unit deputies were notified that Suspect Williams had a warrant for his arrest for failure to pay restitution to the victims of previous vandalism crimes.

And in related news, Los Angeles Police arrested a graffiti vandal spotted on top of a building by an LAPD helicopter on Sunday evening. That incident occurred at about 5PM near Melrose and La Brea. The suspect was described as a white male carrying man purse or messenger type bag, and he left his supplies on the rooftop as he fled after being spotted. He ran around the area, including over to Sycamore, before eventually being taken into custody by ground units guided by the helicopter.

The high profile arrest at LAX was of suspect Jason Williams, also known as “Revok,” who is well known in the graffiti vandalism culture and is a member of the graffiti crew “Mad Society Kings” or MSK. Some of his work can be viewed at

Williams, a white male resident of the Fairfax District in Los Angeles, had been placed on probation for felony vandalism in Indio, California in 2009.  He also was arrested in Melbourne, Australia in 2009 for going on a graffiti spree while vacationing there.

In 2010, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Special Problems Unit Transit deputies arrested Suspect Williams near a graffiti store where images of his graffiti vandalism were featured. He was arrested with several hundred cans of spray paint and a replica Los Angeles Police Department badge.

As a result of evidence discovered during his arrest on Thursday, other incidents of vandalism were found in the County of Los Angeles. Some of the damage is adjacent to the Metro Blue Line and can be seen by its’ patrons. The additional crimes will be submitted to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office by sheriff’s deputies for filing consideration.

Williams is being held in the Los Angeles County jail with bail set at $320,000.

“We take graffiti vandalism very seriously, said Lieutenant Vince Carter, Sheriff’s Metro Transit Services Bureau. “Criminal graffiti vandals who insist on damaging other people’s property are going to jail and need to pay to fix the damage they caused.”

For photos, descriptions and information about the arrests of graffiti vandals, wanted graffiti vandals, and graffiti removal, visit the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department webpage. There, you can also view the list of L.A.’s Most Wanted Graffiti Taggers.

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  1. J says:

    Great job LAPD!! Good to take out the garbage once in a while

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  2. Allegra Allison says:

    The LASD posting almost reads like a gallery ad. It is great PR for REVOK and even MOCA.
    Even though his style isn’t my favorite, I’d bet that REVOK has enhanced the major portion of his canvases.
    I was just looking at the art on the walls of formerly drab buildings around 7th & Santa Fe.
    The graffiti has made that neighborhood come back to life.
    With violent crime at a high and during a time that police budgets are being cut,
    I find this the craziest waste of Sheriffs resources & money I can imagine.
    This does make me want to take a ride on the metro…

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