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A job posting has gone up at the City of West Hollywood for the position of Council Deputy for newly elected council member John D’Amico. Here is the summary of the position…

Under the direction of the City Manager and Councilmember John D’Amico, this position provides support to the Councilmember, which includes legislative and other research for the development of various reports, resolutions
and policies. The Council Deputy serves as the liaison for the Council office and is responsible for communicating and meeting with constituents and other key stakeholders, receiving their input and concerns, and providing that information to
their Councilmember and/or the City Manager to respond to as appropriate.

The Ideal Candidate As a spokesperson for the City, strong verbal and written communication and collaborative decision-making skills as well as analytical skills and extensive experience working with the public are necessary.

For more information, check out the full job posting at the City of West Hollywood.

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  1. Chris Bray says:

    And with starting pay up to $98,000 a year. I never get tired of saying it: this is a 1.9 square-mile contract city.

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