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West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies are on the scene of a reported robbery on Santa Monica Blvd. near the Pho Citi restaurant.

Items taken in the robbery were two passes for the Coachella Music Festival happening near Palm Springs this weekend.

The suspect was last seen headed eastbound through the back alley around the restaurant, located at 8928 Santa Monica Blvd. He was described as an Asian male with a mustache wearing blue skinny jeans and a multicolored plaid shirt, about 5’10″ in height and 125 pounds in weight.

A Weho Daily reader in the restaurant at the time said the “victim kept showing his leg to sheriff and had an empty Coachella pass box” and “from what we could hear, it sounded like it happened inside at one of the tables closer to the register.”

Coachella passes are selling on CraigsList for hundreds of dollars each, so the two passes reported stolen may have a value of over $1,000.

No further details were immediately available.

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