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Drugs and Alcohol, Hit & Run, Video

Please don’t drink and drive, folks.  You don’t want to end up on Weho Daily like this guy, or after a far bigger tragedy.

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A driver was making turning onto Laural from Fountain last night at about 11:15PM when multiple Weho Daily readers reported hearing a crash.  The Sheriff was soon en route to investigate.

In the meantime, Brian Hamilton decided to break out his brand new Kodak Playtouch camera and went outside to investigate.

“After 20 years living on the northwest corner of Fountain and Laurel, I’ve become quite adept at discerning the nature of a car accident by the sound,” said Hamilton.  “In this case, I heard a loud collision without the screech of brakes — which tells me that one of the drivers either dropped dead behind the wheel, or more likely was drunk.”

While trying to keep the camera inconspicuous, he soon found the driver of a BMW making incriminating statements about his sobriety while begging the driver to accept a cash payment rather than involve the Sheriff:

“Can I just give you cash, bro? I’ll give you $6,000 cash right now. I really don’t want to call the… I really don’t want to go to jail, bro! I’m drunk… I’m drunk as [expletive].”

As you can see in the video, the driver decides to walk away from the scene towards the end.  He apparently fled into an apartment building to avoid contact with Sheriff’s deputies.  More deputies were summoned to the scene to search for him for a short time, but apparently he wasn’t immediately located.

But regardless, the video evidence can’t be good for his case.  In addition, he is also likely looking at charges for leaving the scene of an accident.  His car was also impounded by deputies, so chances are he is going to have some explaining to do in order to get it back.

“My framing the scene was less than optimal but the essential elements are present and quite useful,” said Hamilton. “I gave the Sheriff’s Department a copy of the raw video file on a spare flash drive, as well as a verbal statement from myself as a witness to the BMW driver’s statements. Gladys Kravitz would be proud.”

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  1. Abbey Regular says:

    The drunk queen that lives at Norton & Fountain is feeling good today. He doesn’t know his peeps are RT this YouTube video.

    While his car is in the shop, I hope he remembers to walk carefully across intersections and along sidewalks. You never know when a drunk might bump into you.

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