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West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies were on the scene of a fight that turned much more violent near the Whisky-a-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip overnight.

The incident unfolded as a call was dispatched by the Sheriff at about 11:18PM regarding approximately six white males and one hispanic male fighting near the Whisky.

According to the Sheriff’s department, a verbal altercation started inside the club and became physical when a suspect, later identified as Jesus Gomez, and victim moved outside. Several other male suspects joined In the altercation and began hitting and kicking the victim while he was on the ground.

Victims treated after being run down by a vehicle near the Whisky.

The victim was so badly beaten that a witness said he was barely breathing. Bystanders were assisting him when a vehicle barreled out of the parking lot behind the club and ran them down. Two people were hit by the SUV, which was driven by a second suspect later identified as Eduardo Gomez. One victim suffered serious injuries after being thrown into a utility pole.

The victim of the fight is listed in critical condition. One of the pedestrians who was struck by the vehicle, which a Weho Daily source said is a lead singer for one of the bands performing last night who may have been trying to stop the suspects from leaving the location, is also listed in critical condition. The other pedestrian was treated and released.

911 calls to the Sheriff indicated that the pedestrians were run while deputies were still responding to the report of a fight.  The first deputies in the area encountered a suspect vehicle, described as a red Saturn SUV with damage from a collision, which tried to run head on into one of the deputies.  After a short pursuit, deputies detained a number of suspects at gunpoint on Doheny just north of Sunset Blvd.

One shot was fired by deputies as the suspects in the fleeing vehicle were being ordered out.  One suspect was said to be pointing a dark object at the deputies and was making reaching motions.  Fearing for his safety, the deputy fired one round from his pistol. The suspect then surrendered and both occupants of the vehicle were arrested.

Witness at the Whisky talks to a deputy.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department issued a brief statement on Tuesday morning about the deputy-involved shooting that said, “Sheriff’s Internal Affairs Investigators responded to Sunset Boulevard and Doheny Drive, West Hollywood, to investigate the circumstances surrounding a non-hit deputy-involved shooting that occurred on Monday, April 11, 2011, at approx. 11:24PM. No deputies were injured. The suspect was not hit. There are no outstanding suspects [in the shooting portion of the incident].”

The driver, Suspect Eduardo Gomez, male Hispanic, 20 years-old, was arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Driving Under the Influence Causing Injury. He was transported to West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station where he was being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

The passenger, Suspect Jesus Gomez, male Hispanic, 18 years-old was arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon. He is the primary suspect in the fight that initiated the events and was transported to West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station where he was being held in lieu of $30,000 bail.

Both suspects from the SUV were positively identified by witnesses at the scene.  Deputies were initially searching for a second vehicle described as a Nissan Sentra with four while male adults and one female occupant.  The additional individuals may have been involved in the fight, while the SUV contained the primary suspects and was reported to have hit the pedestrians.

“Our hearts go out to the friends, families, and loved ones of those injured last night as a result of the fight outside of The Whisky,” said the venue via their Twitter account. The club also noted that a shooting was not one of the crimes committed at or near the club, apparently responding to rumors to the contrary.

The victims in the incident were all transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  Witnesses told Weho Daily that two male victims were still breathing when transported. It appears that two victims were in more serious condition, one from being hit by the SUV and the other with injuries from the fight. An additional victim was largely able to escape being hit by the SUV and suffered minor injuries.

Traffic on Sunset Blvd. was closed between San Vicente and Doheny and a crime scene was established. Parts of the street were still closed as of 4:30AM and numerous customers parked in the Whisky’s parking area were still waiting for access to their vehicles within the crime scene. Others decided to find other means home for the night.

Deputies were still on the scene as of 8AM as tow trucks were called to both the Whisky parking lot, where another vehicle was badly damaged by the fleeing SUV, and to where the pursuit ended on Doheny. Weho Daily reader Brady Matthews, who lives behind the Whisky on Clark, told us that the street was still closed to traffic as of about 8:15AM.

If you have an information about the incident, please post a comment below or contact us using the link at the top of this page.


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  1. Frito Bandito says:

    What do I think?
    I think that just like the incident at Dodger Stadium, you have a couple of latino monkeys starting some kind of macho fight about something so stupid, only an idiot or a gang-banger would start a fight about it.
    The trend is simple, latino thugs mix in with ordinary folks and start a fight, and take it to the extreme. Then they disappear into the brown world, never to heard from again, until the next time they get drunk and brandish a weapon at some other event.

    Tell me I’m wrong, go ahead, call me racist.
    The facts are the facts, always the same, always dangerous and random.
    If you say what I write, out loud,LaRaza or some other quazi-civil rights group screams racism.
    Thugs are garbage that need to be swept out of good society. People of all color and religion get along just fine, until the bad ones stir up the hate and cultural differences.
    Tell me Los Angeles is not a brewing pot of people who only see race, only see the haves and the have nots, and want to capitalize on the rifts of this town.
    When are the politcians who spout platitudes going to call out the bad ones, when will the talking heads and the media admit that there are some bad asses among us?

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  2. A citizen says:

    Clubs have to take more responsibility for who they let in their clubs and how much they serve their patrons.

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  3. geo says:

    Nice of The Whiskey to send out a self-congratulatory tweet after letting these under-aged people in and then serving them liquor.

    When is West Hollywood going to get tough and start lifting liquor licenses from these places?

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  4. SavvyGirl says:

    I agree with Frito Bandito. Hey, I am of Mexican descent, born and raised in the Midwest. However, LA has me in disgust at how these East LA thugs/trash walk around like they are owed something. The majority of the Latinos raised in LA are raised in uncivilized neighborhoods which is why they grow up to be criminals. And they want to keep the borders open– sorry, I say close them. Besides, the new generation of immmigrants are not the same as the ones two generations ago– hard working, motivated, and respectful. The new immigrants take no responsibility in wanting to become lawful and respected citizens on foreign soil. In addition they take the disrespect to the next level by having ten kids and expecting the goverment to support them. Enough is enough. I understand criminals and bad people come in all colors and sizes but in California, unfortunately the majority are Latinos from Mex and Central America.

    Apologies on behalf of my race.

    ~ Embarrassed Latina

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