Bikini Girls Raise Coachella Funds with Lemonade Stand

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Bikini clad woman selling lemonade on Crescent Heights.

West Hollywood is always full of unusual spectacles.

Yesterday and today, one of those spectacles is a group of women who are stetting up a lemonade stand at the corner of Crescent Heights and Fountain to raise money for their trip to the Coachella music festival.

In a video posted to YouTube (see it below, starting at about the 1:40 mark) the price quoted to a car stopping is $20 for a glass of the liquid refreshment.

Sources have informed us that the girls will be out again today from 4PM to 6PM working hard on their fundraising efforts.

UPDATE: We’re told that the girls had no problem bringing in enough cash to have a fantastic time at Coachella.

One thought on “Bikini Girls Raise Coachella Funds with Lemonade Stand

  1. during rush hour traffic – on the corner of the block i live on– distracting drivers, running out into traffic to take drivers lemonade, screaming at drivers– all in good fun-right??, until there is an accident or someone gets hurt…..

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