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Assault & Battery, Violent Crime

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West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies are on the scene of a reported assault with deadly weapon at a cleaners on Santa Monica Blvd near Harper.  The report said that someone at the location had been stabbed with scissors.

Emergency vehicles at the scene of a reported stabbing on Santa Monica Blvd. (Photo: David White for Weho Daily)

The incident occurred in a parking lot next to Village Cleaners at 8265 Santa Monica Blvd at about 7:15pm.

Deputies were informed by witnesses that the suspect is still at the location and they do have the person detained. Fire and rescue is responding to the scene now.

UPDATE: According to the owner of Village Cleaners, the stabbing occurred in a vehicle parked in the parking lot next to Village Cleaners. The persons involved were not customers or employees. The event was possibly between a man and woman.

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