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Vehicle vs Ped/Bike


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A man who was trying to stop a party bus so he could board fell underneath it and suffered critical injuries last night in Hollywood.

This was the first of two serious incidents in Hollywood involving party busses overnight.  Later, at about 3AM, four passengers of a party bus were shot after a fight nearby at Franklin and Cahuenga.

The incident where the person was hit by the bus occurred at about 11:15PM on Mc Cadden Place near Hollywood Blvd.  Los Angeles Police and Fire Department personnel responded to a report that said the victim was still trapped under the bus.  Initial dispatch reports said the victim was female but that appears to have been inaccurate.

“Somehow, when he got run over, he ended up getting into the tire well,” said Sgt. Murrel Pettway of LAPD’s West Traffic division to the Los Angeles Times. “He was severely injured and he’s now at Cedars-Sinai [Medical Center].”

Mc Cadden Place was closed for an extended period after the accident for an investigation.

Read more about the incident at the Los Angeles Times

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  1. Lin says:

    When is the rest of the story going to be reported ??? I was there first hand when it happened…

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  2. Jaynie says:

    I’m sure you are welcome to add to the story, Lin. That must have been a really traumatic thing to witness. I’m so sorry.

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