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Hit & Run, Vehicle vs Ped/Bike

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The Los Angeles Times reports that the Australian businessman who struck and killed a pedestrian on the Sunset Strip in his Bentley then fled the scene has struck a deal to plead guilty to reduced charges.

Ryan Bowman will plead guilty of leaving the scene of a collision, a charge that was reduced from the initial charge of felony hit-and-run.

He is to be sentenced on Friday in Judge Elden Fox’s courtroom in Beverly Hills. He will serve time in a private “pay to stay” city jail, according to the report in the Times.

Lauren Ann Freeman died in the November accident on Sunset when Bowman’s Bentley struck her in a crosswalk. His car was found early the next morning, parked with the engine running, near Melrose and La Cienega.

Read the full report at the Los Angeles Times

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  1. bib fortuna says:

    further proof that if you have money you can get away with anything.

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  2. sean says:

    i live close to the sunset strip and having heard the verdict, i am as OUTRAGED as this victim’s family and friends must be….1 year in a 5 star private jail????….we should all be ashamed of our legal system this very day….i know i am!!…shame on judge fox in beverly hills….shame on his high-profile attorney blair berk….and shame on HIM especially….best get rid of all of the mirrors in your life buddy, cause it “should” be hard to look at yourself after what you’ve done…your life, and that of your family, is still in tact…..this my friends, is what paying for big-gun lawyers will do for you!!!… poor folk would rot in jail

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  3. Monkey says:

    I’m impressed by your writing. Are you a pofrseisonal or just very knowledgeable?

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  4. Elizabeth Villarreal says:

    It’s terrible that he can kill someone and then pay to go to jail in a nice bungalow. Money is evil and even more so the people that have it and use it to get them out of these kinds of situations that the rest of us would have been thrown in jail for and lived amongst the low lifes in prison. NOT fair. Money shouldn’t be able to get someone out of a horrible conseqence tgo his actions!!!!!

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