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West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies and fire and rescue personnel responded to Rage nightclub at 8911 Santa Monica Blvd at about 12:45AM on Saturday morning for a report of an assault with a deadly weapon.

The report stated that an individual had been hit in the face with a glass bottle inside the club.

Weho Daily reader Chris Hughes was at the scene and said that the apparent victim, a female, was receiving treatment from rescue personnel.  Her head was bandaged up.

Nearby, another female was being interviewed by Sheriff’s deputies.

The suspect in the incident was described as an Hispanic male about 6’2″ in height and 275 lbs in weight.  He was wearing a yellow button down shirt and black pants.

Deputies conducted an organized walk-through of the club to try to locate the suspect but he apparently had fled the scene.

If you have any information on the incident or the identity of the suspect, please contact the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station.

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