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At least three additional window smash burglaries occurred overnight in West Hollywood, adding to the string of businesses hit overnight Sunday, but the Sheriff has apprehended two suspects in connection with the crimes.

Windows were smashed at the Flowering Tree and Green Leaves businesses on Santa Monica Blvd near Harper sometime around 4AM.  Two suspects were found nearby bleeding from cuts on their hands and in possession of items that may have been taken from the inside of the businesses.

Later this morning, at around 7AM, deputies responded to a report of another business with a smashed window further west on Santa Monica Blvd.  The window was broken and door slightly ajar at the Half Off store near Westmount.  The damage was reported by a passerby and it wasn’t immediately known when it had occurred or if the Sheriff found evidence to tie this incident to the suspects that were apprehended.

Blood was left at the scene at multiple incidents over the last few days which should aid the Sheriff in making a conclusive determination about the involvement of these suspects in at least some of the crimes.

UPDATE: Detective Taylor with the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station tells us that two suspects have been arrested in connection with up to 6 business burglaries over the last 48 hours.   He was unable to provide many more details as the case is still under investigation.

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