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Los Angeles Police responded to a report of a possible intruder at a large Hollywood Hills home on Sunset Plaza Drive this morning and apparently may have found the owner of the home running around the outside of the residence with a gun.  It appears that no intruder was found.

The property has hosted celebrity events in the past, including Paris Hilton’s recent Halloween party.  Deadmau5 also had a pre-VMA party at the property.

LAPD officers on scene outside residence on Sunset Plaza Drive (photo:

It was last sold by the founder of Rockstar Energy in 2008 for $8 million, and is almost 10,000 square feet in size with 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.   It is nicknamed “The Fortress” and is surrounded by a hairpin turn on most sides by Sunset Plaza Drive.

Details are still being sorted out and are not entirely clear, but police seem to have been called shortly after 10AM based on reports of an intruder that were being relayed from text messages coming from inside the property.

"The Fortress" estate on Sunset Plaza Drive

An LAPD helicopter arriving on the scene reported a white male with a gun in the outdoor areas of the property.  He was eventually surrounded and detained by officers.

According to LAPD reports, the man did not seem mentally stable and was claiming that other people were on the property.  He reportedly said that he had not seen the people, but had smelled their cologne.

A neighbor reported that the man detained by police was Val Kolton, the owner of the home.

LAPD officers then prepared to search the large property to ensure that it was secure, which it apparently was.  An all clear was declared by police at 11:52AM, and they reported that there was no evidence of trouble.

Sunset Plaza Drive was closed during the response and investigation.

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