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The Green blog at the New York Times is reporting on two stars of the ABC show Castle who agreed to give up their cars for 7 days out of one recent month and then participated in a series of videos to talk about what it was like to get to the studio without a car.

The video series is being presented by the Alternative Travel Project in partnership with the Sierra Club.  The goal of the project is to convince people to give up their cars for one day per week.

Actors Stana Katic and Seamus Dever from ABC’s Castle are featured in the videos.  Katic commuted by public transit to the Hollywood studio from her home in Downtown Los Angeles, while Dever had a shorter commute that he completed by bike from his home here in West Hollywood.  But even the 2 miles or so in Dever’s journey took some planning due to avoid hills and the most bike-unfriendly streets on the route.

The first video in the series was posted yesterday (see below).  Additional videos will  be posted in the coming days, including one focused on Weho resident Dever on Tuesday (update: the second video also added below).

Read more about the project at the New York Times and the Alternative Travel Project.

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