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Lindsay Lohan made a quick visit back home here to West Hollywood over the weekend. She was on a 24 hour pass to meet with a producer for her upcoming film.

As usual, or perhaps even more than usual since she has been away for awhile, the paparazzi were right on top of her. We even had an account of her father being turned away from her apartment building because he showed up there unannounced.

But she had a bit of help from the CHP on her way back to Betty Ford in the desert. The paparazzi didn’t get much footage of her on the freeway, but they did capture a CHP unit up ahead running a traffic break that kept them at a safe distance and to allow her to gain some distance ahead of them.

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  1. smylex says:

    Complete B.S. I work for the CHP as a dispatcher. Contact the custodian of records for the area communications center where this was shot and you’ll probably find out that there was actually some debris in the road that was being removed by another officer up ahead. The officer running the traffic break may not have even known that Ms. Lohan was in the SUV, and probably couldn’t care as long as she wasn’t breaking the law. The only time our officers have provided escorts in the time that I’ve been working in the Department has beeh for world and governmental leaders, not celebrities.

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  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comment. I agree it would be unusual but that’s why it is posted here. I don’t think it was an official escort, but I think that it is plausible that CHP officers may have tried to create some space between lohan and the photographers. These paparazzi are not known to let much come between then an the celebs so lohan and the photogs would likely have ended up on the same side of a traffic break for another reason. Sheriffs deputies and LAPD officers respond to disturbances involving paparazzi all the time around here, including to aggressive cases of chasing in vehicles, so I don’t see why CHP would not do the same. Plus, there were additional reports of CHP providing help to Lohan in a completely distinct incident today.

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