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A stalker visited City Hall today in search of Councilmember John Duran, according to a note posted on his Twitter account this afternoon.

Duran tweeted, “Stalker came to city hall to find me. Thanks to excellent Weho staff! In custody. Whew!”

Weho Daily can confirm that the Sheriff was summoned to City Hall during the afternoon, sometime before 4:30pm, on a stalking incident.

Asked for comment, the Sheriff’s Department declined to release further information as the man was still in the process of being booked.  Councilmember Duran also declined further comment.

While we don’t have any details about this particular incident, stalking generally implies a pattern of previous conduct or a serious threat causing the victim to be fearful for their own safety.  A restraining order is often employed to formally require a suspect individual to stay away from the protected individual.  Violation of the order helps establish clear legal grounds for law enforcement action against the individual.

The incident at City Hall has been clearly referenced as a stalking incident both by Duran and the Sheriff, though a decision on whether to prosecute the case on those grounds will be up to the District Attorney.

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