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Los Angeles Police brought in a massive presence to deal with a large, unruly crowd from the Empire Nightclub last night after it was closed down for overcrowding.

The club, located at 1716 N Cahuenga Blvd, was hosting a rap performance.

Some of the fighting near Empire Nightclub (photo: Benton Kubicki)

Police started to clear the club around 1:15am, however things quickly got out of control around the outside of the club.

LAPD officers were arriving in large numbers from nearby divisions to help with the crowd.  They used loudspeakers in patrol cars and helicopters to instruct people to leave the area, and eventually setup formations using officers in riot gear backed by patrol cars with sirens blaring in an attempt to herd people away.

LAPD patrol cars on Hollywood Blvd to deal with fighting crowd. (photo: Roslynn Cobarrubias)

People in the area were alarmed, some unsure of what was going on or why the police were there.  Windows were shaking from the loudspeaker noise.

Hollywood Blvd was closed between Ivar and Wilcox, along with a section of Cahuenga, while they cleared the area.

Police had things largely under control in about an hour, when they began reopening the streets.

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