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Disturbances, Transients

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies are responding to the area around Voyeur.

A transient is apparently drunk and causing a scene near the club, located at 7969 Santa Monica Blvd.

The report says that the man is throwing traffic cones into the street and is challenging people to a fight.

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  1. rf says:

    this man was about 110 lbs, and he was brought to the ground by one deputy by a chock hold, was taser and kicked by another deputy, while the other deputy was chock holding him on the ground. he then was brought to his feet and thrown against the sheriff’s cruiser causing a dent in the right fender. i thought it was over, however, the original deputy that brought down the man brought him down to the ground again. after the deputy called in on his hand held radio additional deputy’s arrived on the scene were then eight to nine deputies converged on the down “handcuffed” man. while the man was down for the second time, he again was taser. i don’t know if the man made it through, but, i can tell you that when the EMC arrived on the scene they were having a difficult time resuscitating him. by the way, the deputy that brought the man down was about 245 lbs.

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