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The Billboard Tax Act folks, specifically William Board (not sure if that is a real name), is hot about posting comments and sending out press release information to various sources, including this site.  Because the whole thing gets a rise out of Weho Daily, you may be seeing more than a few posts about it. It will help us focus on the other news by getting this out of our system.

This morning, a message came in from Mr. Board responding to yesterday’s post saying, “the tax will not be paid by the property owners” and reiterating that it is only fair that the companies pay a share of that revenue to the people and city.

It might be amusing to hear them talk about fairness if it were not so disturbing… what they are actually doing is putting forward a proposal that penalizes many with a tax while providing very few property owners with new benefits.  How fair is that?

He continually avoids mentioning that the golden egg in this goose of a proposal gives huge benefits of placing signs to just a few property owners while taxing all revenues from signs on properties across the city.  So the majority of property owners end up feeding the goose while a couple of those benefiting make off with the golden eggs.

It is similar to  “pork” spending in Congress… where politicians bury lucrative appropriations for pet projects in spending bills that are otherwise popular.  The people of West Hollywood should not stand for this type of unfair foolishness and deception.

Does the tax really penalize property owners?  Of course it does! Advertising is a business decision: it is worthwhile to advertise if it brings in more profit than what you pay for the ad to be placed.  Taxes impact that equation and leaves advertisers willing to pay less to the billboard companies, and as a result, the property owners.  It’s simple math.

Does it seem reasonable to tax the billboard companies? That that should be an entirely different discussion, separated entirely from the hidden benefits to a few property owners that the current proposal attempts to gloss over while putting forward.

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