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It is inevitable on days like today, with Lindsay Lohan departing to jail from her West Hollywood apartment amidst a media frenzy, to hear comments about the ridiculous circus that ensues in these types of situations.

But whether you are interested in the subject of the media glare, or are frustrated by the disturbance… perhaps being awakened by it this morning like we were… or just annoyed that people are paying attention to such an unworthy topic… it’s all news and the subject of conversation around town.

“Do the majority of people really give a damn about this no-talent lush? She is neither a major star nor worthy of all this airtime,” wrote West Hollywood resident Werner Haas in a Weho News op-ed this week.  He continued, “But, as I type this, there is a tremendous noise of hovering helicopters over my building because across the street is where Ms. Lohan lives.”

Most of us are probably guilty of flip flopping between love and hate: thrilled when there is an encounter with a celeb we love, and angry about being inconvenienced by the disturbances caused for those we don’t.  Liz Taylor at The Abbey is big news to many of the gays, but might be frustrating to the heavy metal rocker trying to drive to a gig up on the Sunset Strip.

It’s simply a fact of life, and a recurring topic of general conversation around town, either about who was seen where, or what a scene it was with paparazzi at one location or another. There are very real and serious issues involved as well, including how these incidents can tax our emergency services, affect the quality of life and impact public (and celebrity and paparazzi) safety.

And it has surely been a topic since before West Hollywood was even a city, filled with starlets and stars living in and around our area since the arrival of studios in the area.  And later, with legendary disturbances still talked about, including in the 70′s at the Riot Hyatt, when a Led Zeppelin band member rode a motorcycle through the halls of the hotel, and Keith Richards dropped a TV out the window.

Of course, things certainly have evolved since the early days, with ever more aggressive paparazzi and other related issues.  But we’ll save that for the subject of a news story at a different time, for surely celebs will remain a topic in West Hollywood as long as anyone can foresee.

It really seems like a bad idea to live here if you don’t love it… or love to hate it.

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