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The West Hollywood Sheriff’s station had a report of a man with a knife at about 3:45pm on Robertson, and after initially coming up empty on trying to find him, they may have located the suspect up on Sunset Blvd about 30 minutes later.  A call to LAPD at about 6:45, however, reported a similar man on a bike, waving a knife further east on Sunset, so it sounds like he is still out there.

Locations of Man on Bike with Knife

The man was reported initially to be on Robertson, near the Log Cabin facility.  The person reporting the man had left the area by the time they arrived, and while they were able to get a description of a similar person on a bike from other people in the area, none of them were aware of a knife.

Deputies combed the area for awhile and were not able to locate him, but we heard that a deputy up on the Sunset Strip just spotted a person fitting the description, near Sherbourne, and we believe he was detained for an investigation.


A call just came in to Los Angeles Police reporting a man on a bike, waving a knife, going east on Sunset Blvd from Crescent Heights.

We called the Sheriff’s station to ask about the previous encounter, but the Sergeant we spoke with had just come on shift and didn’t have information about the possible contact on Sherbourne and Sunset.  It is possible that the Sheriff couldn’t detain the man if they stopped him in that encounter if they didn’t have a victim to make the case.

Los Angeles Police responded to the area of the reported sighting on Sunset Blvd, but may have canceled the search because again, they didn’t have a witness or victim, and they didn’t see anything out of the ordinary on their arrival in the area.  The person reporting the man didn’t leave a callback telephone number for the police to call for help and more information.

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