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via TMZ — Sources connected with Lindsay Lohan tell TMZ … they fear for her safety — even her survival — during her two weeks of freedom before going to jail.

The judge could have sent Lindsay to the slammer immediately, but instead gave her until July 20 to turn herself in. Friends worry that Lindsay is now fully off the hinges and may not be able to resist the drugs and alcohol.

Lindsay Lohan in Beverly Hills Court yesterday, reacting to news of her jail time. (Photo: TMZ)

The catch-22 — if Lindsay falls off the wagon she could end up getting even more jail time. Even worse, her friends worry Lindsay could become so irrational she could harm herself.

As if there weren’t enough temptation … there’s a big belated birthday bash for Lindsay set for tonight at an L.A. club — not the best place for a future inmate with a SCRAM accessory.

She also has a current prescription for a drug she’s technically allowed to take despite her drug testing requirement — and it’s several times stronger than morphine … TMZ has learned.

According to sources familiar with Lindsay’s most recent probation report, LiLo has a prescription for Dilaudid — an extremely powerful painkiller … often compared to morphine … and even heroin.

As long as she has the prescription, Lohan is in the clear to pop the painkiller — presuming she follows the dosage guidelines.

But as TMZ first reported, that’s not all she’s allowed to have in her medicine cabinet — Lindsay also has prescriptions for two other drugs — Ambien and Adderall.

Linds — who just got sentenced to 90 days behind bars — is still subject to drug testing before she surrenders on July 20.

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