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We reported about a strange robbery on April 30 where a man chased suspects who were stealing his flat screen television on Hancock, then broke out their windshield as they fled.

Suspect Angel Ayala

Details later emerged that the incident was orchestrated through CraigsList.  The suspect sought out gay men on the classified ad site for hookups and then robbed them.

The Daily Breeze has an update today on the case as the suspect, Angel Ayala, 24, of Los Angeles was before Torrance Superior Court Judge Hector Guzman on Thursday and Tuesday for a preliminary hearing.

After the hearing, Guzman determined there was enough evidence to hold him for trial on 11 charges, including robbery, carjacking, dissuading a witness and kidnapping, for five different incidents.

Two of the alleged crimes involved victims he met through the online advertising site and one was for an escape attempt behind the courthouse.

In addition, a co-defendant, Crystal Torres, was ordered to stand trial for carjacking and robbery for her alleged involvement in one of the crimes.

He remains held on more than $4 million bail. Ayala and Torres will both return to court July 27.

Read full coverage including details on the incidents at The Daily Breeze

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