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While we’re not sure what company is behind the red light cameras in West Hollywood, the company that runs them for the City of Los Angeles is based in Arizona so is caught up in the City’s ban on business with the state.

Last week, the Los Angeles Police Department opted to cancel a training trip in Arizona out of respect to the city’s ban on the state, and this week, there’s another issue: The Los Angeles Police Department’s red light camera program–that controversial program that snares red light violators–is run by an Arizona company.

The City Council is likely to approve an exception to the Arizona ban, according to the Los Angeles Times, a move that would temporarily extend the existing contract with the company.

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  1. Henry says:

    An article (“Special License Plates Shield Officials from Traffic Tickets”) said that in California there are nearly one million PRIVATE vehicles having ‘confidential’ license plate numbers that are protected from easy or efficient look up, thus are effectively invisible to agencies attempting to process parking, toll, and red light camera violations. (Orange County Register, 4-4-08.) That “protected” list includes politicians – even local ones – bureaucrats, retired cops, govt. employees, and their families – including adult children! Plus such oddities as veterinarians and museum guards.

    Right now there is a bill in Sacramento to change things so that those guys will receive the tickets they are due. It is unwelcome among the politicians in the Capitol, so will die without heavy public support. I urge everyone to call their legislators and the AAA about AB 2097. Otherwise, the bureaucrats will keep laughing at us as we pay our $500 fines. (And the fine is going up. A new $20 surcharge went into effect on June 10, and the proposed state budget includes a $40 surcharge.)

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