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Drugs and Alcohol

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We’ve previously posted about how citizens regularly report suspected drunk drivers, and here is another case. Don’t let this be you! You are bound to be caught sooner or later if you drink and drive. There are always eyes watching the road all around you, regardless weather you see them or not.

Earlier today, an off duty corrections officer tailed a reckless driver and an LAPD helicopter and ground units came in to stop the car.

But on with this new story…  Just a few minutes ago, around 3AM, a citizen reported a suspected drunk driver around Beverly and Fairfax via 911.

A helicopter was in the area and took over following the vehicle until ground units could come in for a traffic stop and investigation.

LAPD Audio: Helicopter Tracks Suspected Drunk Driver

The driver made an indirect path eastbound, through the eastern side of West Hollywood via Santa Monica Blvd at Martel, and then continued to Lexington Ave and Mc Cadden where they were intercepted and detained by LAPD officers.

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