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A robbery occurred close to midnight on 1210 Olive Drive, between Fountain and Santa Monica Blvd.  The location is a block south from the House of Blues, so the victim might possibly have been walking down from the Sunset Strip area, perhaps to a parking location.

The incident was first reported as a purse snatching at Kings Road and Santa Monica Blvd, which is where Sheriff’s deputies met up with the victim moments after it was reported to the Sheriff’s station over 911.

It was a rather impressive response, as Weho Daily ran to windows to watch for the suspect while the call was coming out over the radio, and multiple units were already speeding around the area looking for the suspect.

Sheriff Crime Broadcast: Robbery on Olive Drive

The suspect was described as a hispanic male, about 25 to 30 years old, 180 pounds, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.  For more details, please listen to the Sheriff’s crime broadcast.

Unfortunately, the Sheriff was not able to immediately locate the suspect, however the did relay the crime information to nearby police agencies, and the LAPD had reported spotting a man fitting the suspect description.  That sighting location was being checked, and the investigation continuing.

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