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A Los Angeles Police officer requested help, shots fired, at Lexington and Las Palmas in Hollywood, about 1:48pm.

Police are telling news media that a man shot his girlfriend. When officers arrived, the man was holding a gun and they shot him. Initial police radio indicated there might have been four victims. KCAL reports the man was about 50 years old, and the woman 35 years old.

LAPD dispatch audio captured a dramatic call for help from the officers arriving. For several minutes, they repeated that they had one suspect down with a gunshot and another suspect prone while waiting for backup to take them into custody.

LAPD Audio: Listen to Response to Shooting on Las Palmas

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Location of shooting at intersection of Lexington and Las Palmas

A triage center for victims and command post was set up at the intersection. Witnesses report the man and woman were transported to the hospital. Both are in critical condition.

The incident was at an apartment building. LAPD officers and rescue personnel were inside the building, with activity reported on the first and fourth floors.

Police had a perimeter setup blocking all nearby streets to contain the area, but they have now broken it down to just a crime scene in the immediate area of the incident.

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