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West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies were involved in a fight when responding to the San Vicente Inn tonight, at 845 San Vicente Blvd.

The call for assistance came at about 7:10PM when at least some deputies were on the scene requesting assistance.

San Vicente Inn pool in a promotional photo.

A struggle went on for a good amount of time as several additional deputies arrived for backup, at which point the suspect continued to struggle.

We presume this was related to the inn keeping operations on the property, and not the Klean drug treatment center that has (or had) taken over part of the property, which has an entry on Hilldale Avenue.

Klean may have stopped operating for now, however, as the city sent them a cease and desist letter a month or so ago after many residents of the Norma Triangle area made loud protests of their presence.  The Klean website has been taken down other than a basic page with a few lines of business information. Some reports say the facility is continuing to operate as a sober living house rather than treatment center.

The San Vicente Inn, on the other hand, hardly needs an introduction due to its notoriety as a nude resort where sex and drugs have reportedly been rampant over the years.

Whichever side the fight happened on may help fuel the argument for or against use of the property for Klean’s drug treatment or sober living facility.  If related to Klean, it just may be the final nail in the coffin for the facility.  On the other hand, it could serve as an example of why Klean is a better use of the property if on the San Vicente Inn side.

But the third argument that some in the community are making is that the entire property would best serve the community if it were returned to housing stock.  That hardly seems like a realistic and viable economic proposition for the owners of the property unless it were redeveloped into higher density development.

And that itself may be of questionable economic viability, not to mention community controversy in itself.

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  1. James Colin Campbell says:

    The San Vicente inn needs a total overall- make it a cool bed and breakfast style botique hotel that appeals to travelers of all varieties, repait, remodel, and rename it

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