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We’ve talked on Twitter about the red light cameras in West Hollywood, and how each and every ticket is issued only after video and photos of the infractions are reviewed by a real West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputy. Some find that hard to believe.

You can watch the full video below.

NBC LA just did a story on traffic cameras in the City of Los Angeles that shows how these types of systems work. As you can see, the officers are able to use some discretion when issuing the tickets.

Weho Daily has seen the system in use right here at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station, and can verify that there is indeed a real, live, law enforcement officer behind the camera – just not up on the pole, or live at the intersection at the time of the infraction.

And there is a system for contesting the tickets, just like any other. But remember, they’ve got the entire thing on video to back up the decision of the officer or deputy making the call.

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  1. Henry says:

    An article (Headline: “Special License Plates Shield Officials from Traffic Tickets”) said that “…in California there are nearly one million PRIVATE vehicles having ‘confidential’ license plate numbers that are protected from easy or efficient look up, thus are effectively invisible to agencies attempting to process parking, toll, and red light camera violations.” (Source: OC Register, 4-4-08 and 4-20-09.) That “protected” list includes politicians – even local ones – judges, bureaucrats, govt. employees, and their families! Plus such oddities as veterinarians and museum guards.

    So that those guys will receive their tickets, there is a bill in Sacramento. You can imagine how welcome the bill is among the politicians and bureaucrats there. So, it is stuck in committee, and will die if not approved by May 27. I ask everyone to contact their legislators and the AAA about AB 2097. Otherwise, the bureaucrats will keep laughing at us as we pay our $500 fines.

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