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Apparently, some landlords only allow dogs in a rental property if they have been devocalized, a procedure that cuts tissue from an animals vocal cords to eliminate or soften their ability to bark.

LAist reports that California Assemblyman Pedro Nava wants to put a stop to the practice in a new bill, AB 2743. The bill would also prohibit a requirement of cat declawing.

But the bill only applies to rentals that allow pets in the first place, so if a place has a no pets policy, then the subject is moot. So wouldn’t the likely effect be that some landlords would stop allowing any pets at all? Perhaps, but I guess the difficulty in finding an apartment or home seems trivial compared to the butchering of an animal to accomplish it.

A spokeswoman for the California Apartments Association said her group decided a long time ago to exclude any language about declawing cats and devocalizing dogs in their rental and lease agreements.

“Instead, said Debra Carlton said to Sacramento Channel 10, “We recommended to owners that they utilize security deposits when it comes to damage to the rental unit as a result of negative pet behavior.”

Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz is calling for the city’s official support of the Nava’s bill.

Earlier this year Los Angeles banned cat declawing within city limits, following the lead of West Hollywood’s ban that led to many others. With dog devocalization getting some buzz, thanks to this bill, LAist wonders if the City of Los Angeles will join New Jersey and Massachusetts to ban it next?

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